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I'm a beginning trader, trading a few stocks while learning about futures trading. I started this web site to guide beginners like myself. I update this site with information as I learn it.

My background is computer software and I currently write interfaces for a living using an interface engine product called eGate. eGate is a product offering of SeeBeyond Technology Corporation. Sun Microsystems bought SeeBeyond.  Sun Microsystems is a major IT player out of California.  Stock symbol: SUNW

I support and I am a member of the Lions Club. Lions Clubs International is the largest service organization in the world and are recognized for their service to the blind and visually impaired. Additionally, local Lions Clubs are committed to giving back to their communities. To learn more visit Lions Clubs International.

1/17/2007 Trading QQQQ and winning.  My losing trades are a result of an incorrect entry position.  Still unclear on entry positioning.  Exit is easy, trail all entries w/ an 8% stop order.  Be sure to update winning positions so you capture that profit.


Curriculums I've Taken!

B. A. Computer Science, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Certified eGate Implementor
Ken Roberts TWMPPM I Course (manual)
Ken Roberts TWMPPM I Seminar (cassette)
Ken Roberts TWMPPM I Workshop (video)
Ken Roberts Newsletter
US Chart Company Charts
Ted Warren Stock Course
The Investolator
A Rich Man's Secret

Resources I've Used!

Ameritrade Advanced Analyzer
Gecko Charts 2000
Track and Trade
Common Sense Commodities
Dakek,Ameritrade, now TD Ameritrade Online Brokerages
Tim Jenson's products though I do not recommend them.

Books I've Learned From!

Think And Grow Rich - Napolean Hill
Success Through Positive Mental Attitude - Napolean Hill
How To Make The Stock Market Make Money For You - Ted Warren
Futures 2000: The Untold Facts
Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom - Van Tharp
Sun Tsu's The Art Of War For Traders and Investors -- Dean Lundell
The Wealthy Barber - David Chilton
The Keys To Success - Guy Finley

Next In The Lineup!

Contrarian Investing -- Gallea & Patalon
The Complete Idiot's Guide To Options & Futures

My favorite futures markets are Gold, Cattle, and Lumber.And don't forget the British Pound.

My favorite stock is TBD.

For the future futures trader (pun intended) you must read:
Futures 2000: The Untold Facts by dlya publishing
Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom by Dr. Van Tharp

For the future stock trader you must read:
How To Make The Stock Market Make Money For You by Ted Warren
Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom by Dr. Van Tharp

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